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Nanoplastia Hair Treatment Services Available in Toronto GTA

Nanoplastia  is hair spa restoration treatment with smoothing, straightening and defrizzing effect. It is based on Amino and Tanino Acids as main ingredients to smoothen and straighten hair instead of harsh chemicals. It will nourish hair from the inside (cortex), like Hair Botox treatment but it will give hair more smoothing effect. May lighten coloured hair by 1-2 shades. Not recommended for damaged hair. Not a permanent Straightening treatment! 

Nanoplastia  Hair Treatment Benefits

  • Flexibility
  • Frizz control (10-60%)
  • Shine and silkiness
  • Resistance
  • Smoothing effect 
  • Hydration
  • Humidity control
  • Less time spent on hair styling
  • Reduces hair drying time 

❗Depending on your hair thickness, texture and condition, smoothing effect may vary. Final smoothing & straightening (after 1-3 treatments) effect 60-80 %. Last 4-6 month

HareCare Pro Nanoplastia Hair Treatment Services available in Toronto

Nanoplastia Hair Treatment Prices

Hair Length Treatment Duration Price

Above shoulder

2h 30min


Shoulder length

2h 30min


Below shoulder



Bra length



Waist length

3h 30min


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There is a very small possibility that treatment won't work to full extent on your hair due to individual nutrition intake, hormonal level, previous hair treatments, bleaching/colouring and haircare products that you previously used.

We are highly skilled Certified Hair treatment specialists with years of experience in the industry and we strive to provide best results & customer service. We follow all rules & regulations during every single appointment.

Unfortunately, the results cannot be predicted 100% by Hair treatment specialist. Hair treatments like any other cosmetic procedures doesn't work the same on everyone.


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